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Make impact with your
Facebook & Instagram video ads

What You might not know yet - but You somehow sense it - that outstanding creative work of your ads might be responsible for more than 60% of Your campaign success - yep that's what the research says.

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Your ads can look like these:

Krupnik - Słony Karmel
Dr. Oetker - Kisiel
Orange - Flex

Type of Ads

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Optimizing video content for Facebook is kind of tricky, mostly because of the many different ways it delivers video to its users.

We specialize in most of Facebook video ads types:

  • In stream
  • Feed ads
  • Stories ads
  • Instance expierience
  • Messenger video ads
  • Page cover videos
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There are several types of ads that may appear during or next to your videos. In 6seconds we specialize in all video ads format.

Short video formats have their own characteristics and traditional aspect ratio (16:9)

Types of formats:

  • Skippable & Non-skippable in-stream ads (5,10,15 seconds long)
  • Bumper ads (Short, non-skippable video ads of up to 6 seconds)
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Linkedin is a without a doubt the top social network for professionals and it hosts the ideal audience for your corporate videos. In this platform we focus on Linkeding video ads that are between 10-30 sec long. Common aspect ratio we recommend is 1:1.

Types of formats:

  • LinkedIn native video
  • LinkedIn video ads
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There are a different placements for video ads on Instagram. These include options on, Stories, Reels, In-Stream video ads and Explore. We are fond of a full screen horizontal formats but there is much more!

Types of formats:

  • Stories (9:16 aspect ratio, up to 2 min)
  • Reels (1:1 aspect ration, upt to 30 sec)
  • Explore ads
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Do you want to create succesfull video ads?

This is where we come in - we specialize in impactfull, data-driven and mobile optimized advertising for Facebook and Instagram.

We create amazing animations and videos that impact what matters most in marketing - ad recall, brand and product awareness, recognition and users' intentions.

We work with You to build communication for your brand that actually works. Don't try agencies who tell You about clicks, reasons and shares - these were important in 2013...

Work process

Brainstorming We gather ideas and concepts. We need to understand Your brand context, insights and goals.
Gathering materials We gather all the materials from the client: logos, pictures, movie clips. If needed, we use stuff from our libraries.
Pre production We put the ideas into a storyboard. We design a master key visual. If needed, we arrange a video/photo shoot.
Production We put the storyboards into a motion. We animate, edit, test, animate again until...
Final effect 6 seconds creates data-driven mobile-optimized ads for Instagram, at scale.

Our Clients

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